• Eagle Cement

    Sold By: 1bager Depot

    Size: 40kg

    Type: 1P

    Produce Description 

    Premium quality general purpose cement, Holcim Excel is a special formulation of Portland cement with advanced mineral additives, conforming to both ASTM C595 and PNS 063.

    The primary application of Holcim Excel cement is for the construction of concrete floor slabs, columns, beams, walls, and pavements. Other applications include concrete hollow block production.

    * Higher early strength = reduces construction time
    * Higher yield = less cost per concrete hollow block: 5-10 more CHB
    * Improved workability = eliminates unnecessary repair and rework
    * Improved chloride and sulfate resistance = durable and longer-lasting structures

    Sold By: 1bager Depot

    Eagle Cement

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